7 Common Questions About ISBNs

She Self-PublishesSo, yeah. Over on SheWriters.com I do a little column on self-publishing twice a month. My most recent post answers some questions about ISBNs, those 13-digit numbers next to the barcode on all those books you read. Questions like…

  • What is an ISBN?
  • What’s the deal with 10- and 13-digit ISBNs?
  • Do I need an ISBN?
  • How can I get an ISBN assigned to my book?
  • Are barcodes and ISBNs the same thing?
  • Do all formats of my book need unique ISBNs?
  • Do revisions need new ISBNs?

I know the community is for women, but the content is available to anyone. So stop by and take a look, particularly if you just can’t go on without getting those questions answered. Read the article.

739 thoughts on “7 Common Questions About ISBNs

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