Phoenix Fire Publishing Owner Publishes Fake Customer Testimonials

For the record, people who publicly lie to me or my readers are going to get called on it.

phoenix fire publishingLast, night the comment thread on my post about Mystic Press turned into a veritable circus. This is partly my fault, because sometimes I like to give my site’s trolls a little rope.

It would appear that the owner of the former Mystic Press and the newly established Phoenix Fire Publishing, Tabetha Jones, came by to defend herself against complaints of fraud and failure to deliver services. And she brought all her little friends to help clear her name.

Actually, she brought her alter egos. That would be the more accurate term. But they didn’t exactly help her cause.

When I noticed that Tabetha Jones, Skylinn Wicker, and Rai Willis were posting comments and submitting contact forms from the same IP address (why do people always create fake personalities to defend themselves?), I threw my hands up and stopped engaging Tabetha. In light of this, comments from Anna Lovelace, Louise Charleston, Eris Kelli and Cindy Franks are suspect.

I’m Going On Record Now: Stay Away from Phoenix Fire Publishing

If you’re an author researching Phoenix Fire Publishing before signing a contract, I want you to consider something:

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all of these people defending Mystic and Phoenix Fire aren’t really Tabetha, they’re actually legitimate customers. And let’s say that all the customers complaining are making everything up. A person would still have to be a fool to recommend Tabetha’s company.

Why? Well, take a second look at the original comment thread (which is now closed) and notice what kinds of details her defenders, supposedly just other authors publishing with her, know about the complainants’ business dealings. The best thing you can say about Tabetha—even giving her the benefit of the doubt—is that she is completely unprofessional and will tell her other customers your business.

But it’s ridiculous to give the woman even that much credit. So I’m settling the score, at least as far as Suess’s Pieces is involved in this mess.

Tabetha’s alter ego, Skylynn Wicker, questions my commitment to the truth by pointing out that her contact form submission wasn’t published on the blog like I’d promised earlier. She says:

I used the contact form and MINE isnt posted?

I’m going to say this with all the respect I can muster, and it ain’t much: Whatever your real name is, you’re a fucking liar, and you’re done shitting on my playground. On this blog, we deal in verifiable truth and honest testimonials. Take your fraudulent-ass comments and misrepresentations somewhere else.

sky lynn phoenix fire publishing


tabetha jones phoenix fire publishing


UPDATE: Comment thread closed as of 11:00 a.m. EST. It should be pretty clear why.

597 thoughts on “Phoenix Fire Publishing Owner Publishes Fake Customer Testimonials

    • eric henley says:

      You only applaud because you got shut the fuck up when you got called out but I’m done being silent and watching this shit from you and all of the other BITCHES from the past.

  1. ladyskull says:

    i sent you a comment but i will gladly state here .. I am Cindy Franks-White.. i am a real person and if you doubt me.. call me i will give you my number in private so i don’t have the Tabetha Jones haters calling me and bashing her more to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your honesty!! and I must say as a blogger/reviewer I have ran into several of Tabetha’s old customers who have told me the same things about her and it is just sad that she would take advantage of them this way, its just ridiculous. I love that someone is finally calling her bs, and finally putting it out there for everyone to know!!

  3. eric henley says:

    I see the wolf is back again. And as for Emily you have no clue as to what you think you’re talking about. Everything that got called out on with Georgina david Brian and the rest of the conartists was the truth. But I see that you are willing to beloved any ol lie that comes across your page. That to me is sad and pathetic. You would rather post lies rather than go to the people and get both sides. Buy in this society these days I guess the side of one covers all. Yes I also put my real name on here. I have no reason to hide because I’m not scared of the truth unlike others including yourself Emily. You want truth then do a better job at getting both sides and not just those of your cry baby followers.

  4. Tabetha Jones says:

    How dare you call out these people saying they are fake. How dare you think that my friends that happen to be over visiting are fake. Would you like their phone numbers so you can speak with them in person. Would you like to talk to Cindy White, Pamela Stuard, Misty Burke, Carlie Rose, Eris Kelli, Louise , Lindsay Anne Kendal, Karrie Stewart, Anna Lovelace, and many more that have left you messages. So what if its the same ip address. Do you not realize people have friends that support them that come to say hello when things are bad. That is true friendship. When you use a hot spot on a phone it will show up as the same ip address you dim witted fool. But you have no right to slander my name or my company and make claims of fake people or claims. It is bullshit. Georgina Merry clap those hands as much as you want but I have messages to other authors from you and this is slander and defamamtion of charcter. I can disprove everything that was posted and can take it to court to do so so keep on slandering my name. Keep on lying about me and my company because the same will happen to you. You wan t to play dirty. You all want to play dirty, I have contacts and I can make sure you never publish again. No one will blick at your work. And this blog will be reported because you are bashing and slandering and lying about things you know nothing about. Calling my authors fake oh just wait. Your shit is about to get blown up because they wont take lightly to that. Again I have been civil about this and tried to be nice but now the botch comes out to play and none of you will like it.

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