Author Warns Mystic Press Reopening Under New Name

The Ferryman's WifeA little while ago, I was contacted by an author who had worked with a publishing company called Mystic Press. She wrote to me about some problems she’d had with the company and the company’s CEO.  And as I learned more about her story, I decided it was worthy of sharing. It’s reminiscent of the stuff I routinely hear about Author Solutions, only the problems start with a much, much smaller company. And, seeing how my goal is to inform and support writers no matter the publisher, I decided it would be worthwhile to share my interview with Georgina Merry, author of The Ferryman’s Wife.

When we first got in touch, she described her issues with Mystic Press:

“In March I approached a small publishing company called Mystic Press regarding my story The Ferryman’s Wife. Tabetha Jones, who described herself as the CEO, accepted my manuscript. It was published through Createspace in August. There have been a catalog of issues …[ranging] from having the wrong manuscript published to price changes after orders/payments were made to books being bought for promo events but not arriving for 3 months.

Last month the company Mystic Press “folded”…. Tabetha Jones is claiming our royalties are “frozen” and that either way, after thier cut, I will only receive $10. (I was quoted in September as having $30.) The sums don’t add up, but I have also been informed that all royalties should have reverted to me after the company folded. Now Tabetha has started up another company, Phoenix Fire Publishing  just one month after claiming all the money had “gone” for Mystic. I fear she is about to scam a whole load of new authors. I was told that this isn’t the first time this company has done this. Several other ex-Mystic authors have filed reports and claims against her, as she is witholding their money. She refuses to back up her claims with any physical evidence, i.e. emails/sales sheets.”

If you’re a publisher, you’re not going to get a whole lot of love from me by refusing to put the details in writing. I emailed Georgina a few Q&A style interview questions to learn more.

ES: What kind of package or services did you purchase, and what promises were you made?

GM: I paid for my cover art ($20). I paid for my ISBN and createspace fees ($35)  and Lightening source ($87.50). I was told that Tabetha would handle my promotions, make over my website, plan a blog tour, hold an online launch party, and she’d supply the swag. In the contract it stated that I’d be supplied copies of my book for promotional events. I was told in the contract that I would receive 60% of royalties for paperback and 50% on all ebooks sold. I was assured that I would receive three free proofs in time for my launch party, and I was also told that I could order copies of my book any time at a discounted rate of $2.75 per copy.

ES: Did you receive all off the things promised?

GM: No. I had my cover art, but that was by a freelance graphic artist. I was refunded my lightening Source fee ($87) as apparently the option for hardback was no more.

I was asked to supply some swag prizes for my launch, which I did. Tabetha Jones claimed she was scammed for the prizes she was meant to be organising [so] anyone that won something from her didn’t receive anything. She also didn’t post out the copies of my book, she waited to send them to me and charged me postage.

My “launch party” was a Facebook event, and my “blog tour” was basically 3three interviews on other authors’ blogs, Tabetha Jones’ being one of them. My blog page was made-over, but not by anyone connected to Mystic Press. I basically had to handle my own promotion. I made arrangements to visit my old school — teens: my target audience — and give a presentation and hopefully sell some books, but you’ll soon see that I ran into problems.

I did not have the proofs for my launch party, so I didn’t see that the wrong manuscript was sent to print. On page 123 the writing appeared as an edited page, with the one correction in the whole manuscript being highlighted. I was mortified, as this had not been my final manuscript. I was sent three of the faulty proofs. Then, I was assured that the correct manuscript was to go ahead, and new proofs were ordered. I discovered yet again that it was the wrong manuscript when the proof arrived, but by this time they were on sale. There was a mad rush to get the correct document uploaded, but I was then sent no proofs at all. I ordered 13 copies of my books at the discounted rate to replace the faulty ones my friends had bought. I had to pay for the postage & packaging from the US, and these books didn’t arrive for two months.

I then ordered another 20 books for the promotional event at my old high school, only to be told after I had paid for them plus postage, that I would only be receiving half the amount I’d ordered as the price had gone up. I did not have them in time for the event in September. In fact, they arrived late October after an unpleasant series of communications. I was told I was being unreasonable for wanting my books. I was disapointed not to have any copies of my book to sell at what turned out to be a successful promotional event. I’d have sold more, had I copies there and then.

I was informed in October — my book launched in August and I signed in March 2012 — that I would only make $1.56 on my UK sales…and that I had sold 22 paperbacks 8 ebooks. I was then quoted as having made $30.50 in royalties. I’ve since been told, since the company folded, that I will only be receiving $10. However, as all accounts have been “frozen” I haven’t received a penny. I wouldn’t know as I have never seen any sales sheets and Tabetha Jones refuses to provide me with any evidence, i.e. sales figures, notification emails etc.

ES: How did you attempt to resolve the issue with Mystic?

GM: I kept regular contact via Facebook, email and Skype and always looked to resolve issues quickly and fairly. I would be replied to quickly, but with a string of [what turned out to be] lies. I was told things would be fixed, I was told issues would be resolved, but their efforts were less than satisfactory. After nearly 3 months with my double-the-price books not arriving, I became quite irate. By this point there had been too many issues for me to set aside as new business hiccoughs. Private messages went back and forth until I requested a Skype call. Tabetha Jones called me unreasonable and although she made me offers as a means of helping the situation, they were all offers to do with the publicaion of my 2nd book. As you can imagine, after everything that happened I wasn’t willing to sign another contract. Things soon rose to an argument and Tabetha’s fiance and business partner stepped in to resolve the issue and promised my books would be with me soon. Communication after this was stilted; one sentence responses. My books did arrive 10 days after, but whether by accident or not, Tabetha Jones revealed that the issue had been an avoidable, repeated mistake that had occured when she’d sent out my first package.

ES: Any other thoughts or comments to share with other writers?

GM: This company have now folded and started up a new company, ready to do the same thing all over again, no doubt. I’ve heard rumours that this isn’t even the first time they’ve folded and restarted.

Unsigned authors — take care to do your research first. Don’t sign with anyone until you know everything about them. Ensure that if you live in a different country, you wont be discriminated against financiallly. I should have realised Tabetha Jones’ eagerness to sign me was a warning. I’m left feeling stressed and depressed, all because of what this woman and her “company” have done to me and my reputation as an author. Thankfully what has come out of this is feedback. Enough people have read my book and enjoyed it so I know it’s worth carrying on with. Otherwise my faith in my ability as an author would have been shaken to the core by what’s happened.

729 thoughts on “Author Warns Mystic Press Reopening Under New Name

  1. Sara-Jayne Slack says:

    Things like this make me so incredibly irate. Of /course/ a small press is going to run into one or two issues now and then (don’t all businesses?) but at the VERY LEAST, there should be fair and transparent communication between both parties, and the PH should do their very best to put forward fixes that ensure the issue won’t arise again in the future.

    Authors, PLEASE do your homework. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you don’t get straight answers then they’re not the right PH for you.

    • Yeah, I think that most authors can roll with the punches when there are glitches or small problems. But this particular company’s refusal to communicate after something went wrong was pretty absurd.

      Then they closed up shop with unresolved complaints and reopened under another name? I’m not sure these are the kinds of things an author can find out just by asking some preliminary questions. Plenty of people can fake trustworthiness for a time.

      The only solution I see, in the short-term anyway, is to put a spotlight on individual cases.

      • David Enoch's says:

        I to am like Georgina, I was mislead and lied to with a string of excuses. They still have my book up on amazon even though it is clearly a case of copyright infringement at this point. I currently am seeking an attorney to have it taken down. The attorney will cost more then I have, but at this point it is principle that concerns me!

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        Why dont you check amazon out or do i need to send you the email from them that states your title was retired if a copy is returned then it goes back up until sold. Yet I have messages from you that state completely otherwise. Funny….and whos lying?

      • tabetha jones says:

        Now you are with her huh…after you sent us messages backstabbing much for that brother in arms…guess that doesnt mean shit to you, thanks for hurting Eric and me. We appreciate it but also thanks for ratting everyone out now your right along with them.

  2. Amanda Wimer says:

    I’m sorry you had to and are continuing to go through this mess. I too was lied to by Mystic Press but not as an author. I was one of the editors. I feel your pain of not getting your money. While I do not receive royalties for my work I am still supposed to receive payment. During the time I was with Mystic I edited five full length novels and one novella. Unfortunately I was not paid for any of my services and found myself in the same situation of being blocked on Facebook and basically being ignored.

    I am commenting to warn people authors are not the only persons that can be lied to and cheated by publishing companies.

  3. I didn’t get my answers back to you in time to make this article, unfortunately, but I was in the same boat with Georgina. My experience wasn’t quite as bad, but I was promised all the same things as Georgina and received only a few. No promotional items, one or two interviews as a blog tour, and limited promotion. I also paid $70 for promotional copies of my book that I never received and was told that Createspace wouldn’t refund, which I find unlikely. I’ve moved on and have chalked this up to a learning experience, but I would recommend authors to stick to the old principle of never signing a contract that involves you paying fees to be published. That should have been a red flag, but I wanted to believe so I ignored my better judgement.

    • Brian if you want to add anything else, I’d be happy to run a follow-up piece. It’s up to you, of course, but it’s good to establish that this isn’t just a random occurrence.

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        You will do a follow up piece with all of them but what about a follow piece on the authors that are with me, support me and the artists, and the reviewers that all support me? Or even a follow up piece on the actual owner themselves to tell you what really happened. But i guess that would be bad for business seeing how no one wants the complete and whole truth

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        of course no questions for me well thats rather unfortunate. I will have them contact you but still I think its rather absurd to do a piece of someone and allow people to slander them and then not want to talk to the person who has been hurt and and scammed. Thats not right

      • Skylynn Wicker says:

        I would like a follow up about me? I can tell loads of shit that will make your head spin about these people. They are all liars and con artists. Tab did what she could and this is how they repay her.

  4. My experience as an author with Mystic Press was much the same. I
    paid money to have my work published and the day before my release day I
    was informed with a generic email that the company had shut down. When I
    asked for my money back I was ignored. Fortunately I had paid them
    through PayPal so I turned to them for help, however, after my dispute
    was escalated to a claim PayPal informed me they would not make Mystic
    Press pay me back because it was a service and not tangible goods. I
    feel it is absurd to think that if your business closes down then you
    have no liability to the debt. This is simply not true.

    If you plan to sign a contract with a small publishing company, make sure you counter their contract with a declaration to add in a clause about what happens if the
    company is forced into bankruptcy or closes. Make sure they include a
    clause saying they are still responsible for any debt and royalties they owe you. This
    company is NOT a registered LLC or Corporation so the liability falls on the personal individual. As the others have said, they have closed as Mystic Press and have reopened as Phoenix Fire Publishing.

    I understand that they are threatening others (myself included) with a lawsuit for libel because we have tried to warn other authors. However, if you can prove what you say, then you are not libelous. Do not let them bully you. It is also illegal to threaten with a lawsuit. I truly hope someone goes after them, so many others have been hurt and conned.

  5. Amanda Sheffer says:

    My dealings with Mystic is not as bad as the other; however, they offered me a contract for an Anthology called Misery Loves Company in which my short story was to be edited and entered among several other authors. When the generic email that was sent to everyone else, low and behold I was completely left out. I went straight to the source and asked why I did not receive an email and was told that “her lawyer” advised her not to make a public announcement about the company shutting down. I was in shock. I proceeded to have to make several talks with her and have to ask via messages to have my rights back to my story and she was going to finish with edits. To this day no edited copy has came my way.

    My published story was to go onto a Christmas present hence I signed the contract. I wanted to surprise family members with the good news. I was one of the lucky ones, I never paid out money but she still has read over the work that was given to her. I had two shorts that were going to her for edits. Now she has a new company up and is publishing the same anthologies with the same titles. It is on their web page as the same. One that we all signed under MP called Misery Loves Company. Personally I take this as a slap in the face to all the authors that were willing to write for this Anthology. The day before the announcement of the new company I was taking off her friend’s list and even blocked from him completely. There is no saying she receives any messages because there is no friendship.

    As many of us stated there have been issues and as I put it 1 + 2 is definitely not equaling 3 in this situation. I cannot speak for her or him but I can say what I have experienced. This definitely leaves a sour note in my blood. I have done nothing wrong by expressing what I experienced but as others have stated been told or saw posts about coming after anyone that talks. This is like the “Buyer beware” episode from one of the news feeds, but it should say Author Beware of ____!

    • Tabetha Jones says:

      I have a message from you via facebook telling you I would edit your book even though company had closed and you exact words were I will let you know tomorrow and I never received a yes or no. Then you messaged me several days later wanting to know about your rights and you were not interested in editing. I can copy and paste the conversation if need be.

      • Amanda Sheffer says:

        I have those messages as well, I never defied you as a person but I will say this. I did this all on my own and I did tell you to do it after you begged to do it. I told you I wanted my rights back because I NEVER GOT A NOTIFICATION OF SHIT FROM THE COMPANY. Put your feet in my shoes, not getting any messages of closing down…… but your story was in the hands of someone would you not ask for rights somewhere in writing? You asked me about a cover and I said I would let you know on that, because I had already told you that you could finish editing the story. Matter of fact I was in a message with Eric at the same time and told him, I was letting you edit.
        I would have been standing behind you if you and Eric would have not just decided one day not to be my friend but move on not wanting me to be a part. I could say things would be different. Just to up and delete someone and no comments there after and I need no reasoning, well minds will think what they think you put yourself in this view from me no one else, I didn’t listen to anyone else when it came to this, no other author should sit, cry and almost give up because of what you did to me to make me do that.

      • tabetha jones says:

        Really what about the post that said i was the reason you started writing again. And no where in that message did you say yes edit all i got was i will let you know tomorrow. You were blocked because we received messages and screenshots of you talking shit about us behind our backs then being all sweet and nice to our face. So we blocked you. Dont have room in our lives for that. And I sent out separate messages via email for those in the anthology. Two didnt get it. How am I to know that. And it is common sense that if a company closes you get your rights back it was in the contract or did you not read it. But put yourself in my shoes. Getting messages from David and others saying what your truly feel about us. Copy and pasting so we can see. And then Jenna sending the same things to him and he sending it to us. WE MIGHT AS WELL RAT EVERYONE OUT. You were blocked and the other Amanda were blocked because of David and the messages he sent Eric.

  6. I, too, was promised things from Mystic Press. Not as an author, but as a reviewer. I was told that in exchange for my reviews, I would receive items such as bookmarks to give away on my review page, and would have my reviews published in the books, and even won copies of paperbacks during launch events. I have yet to receive ANYTHING from them. My reviews were never put into the books, I never received any item or anything that I won during the events. I was given absurd timelines to get the reviews in. She would send me 3 books and tell me she needed them all within a week. I do have a family, but did this for her, in exchange for the things I needed to get my page up and going. I, too, have been ignored on attempted communications. Been removed from both Tabetha and Eric’s pages, and have been told that I am lying about it all. I have bitten my tongue and not said anything, but I feel its time that all people involved, whether it be authors, editors, or reviewers, know what these 2 are doing to others.

    • Tabetha Jones says:

      I have receipts of where you were sent things and your have been put into books for pre release reviews. As of what you won at launch parties, I took down the info and sent it to the author. I am not soley responsible for mailing out swag, the authors are just as responsible.

  7. Tabetha Jones says:

    I was the current owner of Mystic Press and it seems that people only want to hear one side of the story. They dont bother looking into details such as I was not the original owwer but as Wendy Hunyor and Brandy Peay were the original owenres of Mystic Press. Now I have had my name slandered and this is defamation of character and my attorney will receive a link to this page. I would also like to point out that the reasons Mystic closed were due to the fact that authors continued to scam and con me. What Georgina didnt mention was that on several occasions I paid well over 150 bucks to have her books shipped express to her. What these authors failed to mention is they were told up front that this was a small press company. They would receive pre release reviews and 3-5 spots after their release. I provided all their swag for their release parties, made their book trailers, and paid for several paperback copies of their books for their parties. Mystic closed also due to the fact that the previous owners have several law suites against them and the Mystic name was attached to that. I paid for all their editing services out of pocket, all pr, all swag and promotional item. I was advised by my attorney that if I wanted to open a new company I could do so but do not have it linked to anything Mystic. I have several authors that came with me from the old company and yes I have opened up a new one. No one, not these people, not the liars, not the gossipers, not the con artists, and certainly not the authors below that have not told the complete truth and that are now harassing my new authors, slandering my name and doing a fine job of defamation of character. Anyone that wants to continue on this path will hear from my attorney and a law suite will be filed. I am sick of people getting only the half truth. Why dont you interview the others, the ones that got burnt along with me. The ones that got scammed along with me. No one mentions that. No one mentions how I got ripped off close 3500 bucks by authors that thought they could. Emily, for your own dignity I would remove this post because you are getting involved in something that is about to be very nasty and eventually taken to court. And I am sure you dont want to be involved. I am giving you fair warning. These people are supposed to be authors but yet instead of doing what they dream of they sit around and gossip, slander, and lie. I have several messages from my new authors that have been harassed and they are all going to my lawyer. If you want a real interview and want the real truth then feel free to contact me at and I’ll tell you anything you want to know including the authors that scammed me, didnt pay me, and the ones that are fake and plain liars. I will also be happy to give you the info on what the previous owners did as well. I have never owned any other companies other than Mystic and the one I have now. But harassing my authors and blowing up their emails facebook accounts, is childish and uncalled for. I have told each and everyone of them what happened with Mystic. I took Mystic over in March of this year and it closed Nov.9th due to the liars scammers and cons that continued to use me. People are lying telling other authors I am part of the mafia that their families are not safe, and all kinds of uncalled for things. I am tired of being lied about. I am tired of people taking this to a whole new level. Everyone that had a contract got exactly what was promised. PERIOD. So again, if you want the REAL truth contact me and i will give you an interview worthy of what should be on here. I am trying to carry on my dream and leave out my life. And this people need to do the same. I am sorry Mystic closed but if it hadnt been for liars and cheats it would still be open. If it hadnt been for the previous owners maybe it could have been saved. I think its funny that I have emails and messages from all the ones below telling me no dont close we are behind you a hundred percent. What can we do to help you stay open. And I have no problem publishing any of that on the internet. So again more lies. They tell me one thing, tell me how they will help me save it and they stand behind me a hundred percent then go and say these things. Maybe before you take on an interview you might want to research the company you are bashing and the person they are slandering. because this IS slander. This is defamation of character. So Ms. Emliy Suess I suggest before you go and allow someone to slander and bash and others to do the same on your site you actually talk to the owner of what was Mystic because this itself could get you in a whole lot of trouble and again my attorney will receive a link to this.If you any questions or want to discuss this further please feel free to email me and I will answer what you want to know.

    • Thanks for jumping in to the conversation here. I don’t really have much to ask you as far as an interview goes. But feel free to have your satisfied customers get in touch with me using my contact form.

      • Amanda Sheffer says:

        Yes, I was behind her until she and her partner denied me friendship and told me they owe me no explanation. Instead of giving the pity party we need to see your side of the story, step back and look at what we have dealt with from you. So I am suppose to sit here and bite my tongue just because I said I would support you and then you deny me as a friend but yet you have the gull to open this company and shatter my dreams of having my story in the same anthology as MP. I never talked crap about anyone and I never threatened anyone. All I did was told my side of the story. I left out pieces but I can say more if need be. I am being respectful at this point!

      • Louise Charleston says:

        You also called and back stabbed a lot of the authors you are now apparently “friends” with. Have you told them that?

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        you would blocked because we felt you could not be trusted because of the copy and pasted messages we received from other authors who are now on this band wagon I think someone called it, saying how sorry they all were, i can copy and paste it here if you like? You were blocked simply because you told me one thing and told people something else. Think about that

      • skylynn wicker says:

        oh you can say more? How about the time she took to read your work and never once charged for beta? How about how you begged her to stay open and told her oh you dont have to pay me if it helps, lets do this ill be your partner…blah blah blah….I cant believ you people. You got blocked because you were saying things behind her back and they sent her the messages…figure it out or you too dim witted too

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        Well I see that it is only fair that I get to tell the side of the story that is the truth seeing how this is about me and my reputation. I believe posting only one side of the story is unfair and dont worrry they will all be leaving comments

      • Tabetha Jones says:

        I am just saying there is a lot more to this than what people are letting on. They are leaving things out, they are adding things in and I want the truth out there and not to be slandered dont i have that right?

      • I’m saying there’s as much room on this page as there is on a new one. You have stuff you want to say, and I’m leaving the comment thread open to you and anyone else who disagrees. The rest is up to you.

      • Louise Charleston says:

        So you only write new posts if its to slander people?? Jesus Emily, that’s just plain awful. Especially since you mentioned to another author on here that you would do a follow up piece? What the hell is this blog?? You should be shut down. HEY PEOPLE, UNLESS YOUR BAD MOUTHING PEOPLE DON’T COME HERE!

      • Skylynn Wicker says:

        Oh I am gonna bad mouth some people if they dont keep their mouths shut with the lies spilling out everywhere

      • Georgina Merry says:

        What you spent on posting my books, Tabetha, is of no consequence. I paid for the postage in my intitial first payment for my books, which you received in full, then halved my order. The only reason you had to spend that is because you failed to package it correctly, not once but twice, and your postal service refused to send them, or so you told me. Not my responsability or my bill to pay. However, after what I’ve heard from others and what you continue to say, I doubt you are telling the truth.

      • ladyskull says:

        you are quite biased in your approach don’t you think??? i mean what you can bad mouth a person and their company but they don’t have a say as to a rebuttal or anything.. how shameful is that..

  8. As a new author with Phoenix Publishing company I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Tabetha Jones. She has been straight forward with me about the inner workings of Mystic, and how she was stuck with a bad business deal. All of my manuscripts have been edited, every promise she has made has been kept, and I feel pretty confident that my unique way of writing has found a home. She is hurt by these accusations, so I felt like my two cents was needed. My experience with her has been great.

  9. Louise Charleston says:

    I’m sorry but I find this awful. Firstly, Georgina Merryman,
    you fail to mention how Tabetha went out of her way to do ANYTHING and
    EVERYTHING she could to help you. You fail to mention several blogs and
    Facebook pages you were featured on to gain reviews and publicity. You also
    FAIL to mention how you backed Tabetha 100% after the closure of Mystic Press
    and then suddenly decided you would turn into a back stabber and gossiper
    instead. It was also obvious that a launch party would be on Facebook. You were
    thrilled on the day… now you moan. Is there any pleasing you at all. I
    attended that launch, and believe me, you were as happy as a pig in S**t. It seems instead of writing your novels you
    decided to change your career. Now you are simply knows as a person not to be
    trusted, two faced and people will avoid you.

    Tabitha Short, I notice you’re a liar too. All your lies and
    BS about how amazing Mystic Press and the owners were…. It seems when they
    closed and you couldn’t charge your expensive fees for editing, you decided to
    join in the onslaught on this woman. Can’t you make money by being the author
    you’re Supposed to be? There’s an idea. YOU are a con woman, you have people
    work for you only to leave them hanging… I see you fail to mention that.

    Amanda, I saw your posts expressing your sadness, and how
    upset you were that people were lying and cheating Tabetha. You publicly
    attacked these people and yet now look at you. Are you just simply trying to be
    with the IN crowd? Do you not know yourself or have your own mind, as it seems
    you follow others and change your mind very quickly? That’s very Sad.

    Heather, I have nothing bad to say to you other than maybe
    having the books first is payment enough for reviewing?? I don’t know of any
    other publishing company sending swag gifts out for you just for writing a
    review. Nasty comment I think. But your opinion is yours.

    Brian, you talk two ways… were you not good friends with
    the owners fiancé? Did you not spend most of your time drooling over half naked
    women that you posted on the publishers FB group?? Maybe you should try writing
    and marketing your books instead?? But hey, you failed so why not jump on the
    band wagon and join this small group of liars? Your choice Pal.

    David, you followed to Phoenix, you supported her. Then over
    night, decided not to do anything. Then you had your wife contact them??? Was
    that because maybe you felt guilt about being a liar and joining this bunch??

    I am with a small press. It comes as standard these days
    that you market your own work and the publisher with market to the best of
    their ability. Check out contract with the big six houses. They happen to say
    the same. Tabetha did what she told you she would do. How can a person do more
    than that??

    It seems because you cannot get everything for nothing to
    slander a good woman’s name. You all make me sick and I wouldn’t purchase your
    works either now or anytime in the future.

    Also I see you don’t mention all the authors who have stayed
    and transferred over to Phoenix Fire knowing full well they will be well looked
    after. You should all take a good long look in the mirror, but be prepared, for
    your reflections will be that of cheaters, liars, scam artist and bullies.

    May I also suggest to the owner of the blog… you should do research and learn FACTS before posting something like this. BUT!! Hey, cause a stir, and you will gain more followers. Screw who’s lives you ruin in the process, its worth it as long as you are okay. Terrible. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

    • In the beginning, like many others, I trusted Mystic Press, so yes, I promoted them. I promote things I believe in and people that I trust.

      My editing fees are far below the industry standard of $1.00 – $3.00 per page (most charge $4.50 -$6.00 per page). I charged MP only $0.50 a page. Try to find THAT among the professional editors. I also need to add that I am a PROFESSIONAL editor who provides freelance services to authors. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Copy Editing Advertising and Marketing. I also have several years experience editing at magazines, newspapers, websites and thesis work. I write and edit commercial copy. I have even provided ghostwriting services. I am not someone who is merely good at English.

      As for lying, I ask you to disprove anything I’ve said. I have never failed to return a manuscript after editing it nor have I ever returned a half-edited script. How have I conned anyone? Do I expect to be paid for services I provide? Yes, absolutely. Would you work for free? In the same manner, I expect to receive the services I pay for, which I did not.

      • Skylynn says:

        If I remember correctly Tabetha edited two manuscripts for you for FREE!!!!! And as for services, what about the cover Lindsay Anne Kendal did for you and slaved over then you went and did a different one. She busted her ass for you just as Tabetha did then you did the same to her. So dont sit there and try to make yourself all pretty. I know freeleance editors that charge 30 cents page and have been doing in 23 years so dont get all high and mighty missy. She did work for you for free and you treat her this way. She promoted your work that wsnt even published through Mystic and this is the thanks she gets. Guess what I went to Baylor, I have a degree in photography, art, web design, and copy editing. I also have a ba in advertising too, so if we want to compare we can lets go for it. But Ms. Short I have good look on my side so I decided to get into modeling and I happen to be very good at it and love it. I get to travel and see the world. Unfortunately you people live in a nutshell of craziness. Get over it!!!!

    • Georgina Merry says:

      I’m sorry Louise, I don’t know who you are. I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken, written or in anyway communicated with you, so how you have so much information on our business dealings with Mystic Press is highly suspicious. Your version of events are skewed. I question the identity you are portraying here, I do not believe you are who you say are you are.

  10. From a customer via my contact form:

    I am contacting you in general about the previous owner of Mystic Press, Tabetha Jones… I couldn’t leave a comment. I strongly believe Tabetha Jones did no wrong. She had let her fans and authors know she was shutting down Mystic Press, due to the owners before she owned it. These Authors that have came to you to spread lies about Tabetha Jones, I believe was just plain out wrong. Tabetha Jones is a good hearted woman, someone that is fulfilling her dreams at becoming a writer and supporting her family every way possible. Georgina Merry’s “Launch Party” on Facebook… I won her paperback book and it was sent to me straight from Tabetha Jones. I am a avid reader..but no other author should ever slander nor put another authors name out there on the internet like Georgina Merry and Tabetha Short are doing on your site. Tabetha Jones has always done good to me and for me. Tabetha Jones didn’t know what kinds of troubles the owners of Mystic Press were in before she (Tabetha Jones) took over. Thank You for taking your time and reading this
    Pamela J. Stuard

  11. From my contact form:

    (An email address was provided but is not published. No name given.)

    I think it is pretty sad that before i even thought of signing with Phoenix, i was bombarded with rude comments about Tabetha not the company but her personally, then when they thought i was really considering it then the nasty letters came of how pathetic it was she ran one company into the groud only to try opening up a new one and screw everyone.. well i have talked to Tabetha.. and she has been nothing but straight up with me.. honest. and a very nice person.. like i said before there are 3 sides to every story his hers and the truth.. i know that i am taking a chance and that is ok.. it is my chance to take.. but you take a chance at everything you do in life.. trying to fulfill a dream is no different.. i will stand behind Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire Publishing until i have a reason not to.. which i highly doubt..

    • ladyskull says:

      i will say who wrote this … Cindy Franks-White a proud soon to be author of Phoenix FIre…. I am not ashamed of it .. i am happy and ready to look forward to a new beginning with Tabetha and her publishing company…

  12. Skylynn Wicker says:

    I find these posts absolutely f*cking mentally outlandish. How can you sit there and slander Tabetha Jones when all she did was bust her ass everyday to make sure you guys got everything you needed. Tabitha Short, she even edited for you and never charged you a penny. Both Amandas she took time out of her schedule to read your writing when she was booked with other things. Brian she took a chance on you when you were facing a law suite from your co writer who you never paid royalties too. David, you followed her to Phoenix then decided to join these nut jobs? Come on now? I remember you and her fiance were quite good friends and now all this. And for your info your book aint on amazon. so quit your moaning. And Georgina Merry the one that has been harassing everyone and now has gone public with her slander and defamation of character. Did you mention that Tabetha paid out of pocket the extra 150 bucks to mail your books out. And how the hell is she supposed to have control over the price on createspace? I think you people seriously need to step the hell back. And I’d like to first rip apart the previous owners Wendy and Brandy who got all this shit started on her and then work my way down. I think this is stupid and childish. Go write, quit harassing new authors, quit your crap, move on. Leave it be. No one seems to care how much this has hurt Tab. No one seems to care that the money that she was scammed out of was her daughters christmas money. Now that baby girl wont have a christmas because of the con artists that took her for a ride. How is she supposed to explain that to a four year old. Your actions have consequences, and yeah Tab might get mad cause i spilled her money biz, and I spilled her biz about her daughter but you people need to know what your doing other than running her rep and killing her dreams. How about I come along and kill your dreams of being a writer. Lets put tht shoe on the other foot

      • ladyskull says:

        did you keep the copy of my messages as well Georgina when i was asking you about a contract for your so called anthology that doesn’t even have a charitable orgainzation for the proceeds to go to as of yet but you are saying it is coming out in the next few months.. what a crock of bs that is.. or when i asked you if i was in need of a contract for my writings and what did you say to me.. oh no you are self publishing.. how am i self publishing in a book YOU are doing??? you would have control over my works and i had nothing… nothing in writing or anything you could have easily said i gave you my poetry to keep.. i think not.. or when i siad no i didn’t want to use your anthology because i thought it was shady.. what did you do then .. you took me off your anthology page as quick as anything without a are you ok.. what happened.. you cry wolf but aren’t you just as bad as the wolf you are crying about???

  13. Eris Kelli says:

    I began working with Tabetha at Mystic Press just before it went out of business and unfortunetly my book did not get released before its close. Being the motivated person that I am, I continued on and signed with another company for that series.

    Times are tough and I understood that sometimes things just don’t work out.

    Tabetha Jones was able to get herself back up after her loss and that is difficult to do. What I really think is great, at least in my case, is that once she was back on her feet she contacted me again, and tried to make it right with me. I am doing an anthology with Phoenix Fire and am very excited about it.

    You can believe whatever you want to believe but as for me, I believe in second chances and the chance to prove one’s self. I have given Tabetha Jones this chance and I’m really glad that I have. She has been with me step by step for the anthology and for another series we are editing together.

  14. Mystic Victim says:

    As a former ‘author’ of Mystic, I thought I’d ‘wade’ in and give my story. In the begining Tabetha couln’t do enough; answering questions, making promises, telling me what was involved…but once she had the contract back, it was like she lost interest. Emails and messages were unanswered and I couldn’t get hold of her. Then I got a generic email saying they had folded with a very ‘tough sh*t’ attitude to getting my money back. It wasn’t there, it didn’t exist etc etc BS. Anyway, I would message her with facebook and get more promises that never happened (i.e she promised that she would forward me the ISBN number for my create space etc) that never happened. I asked where my money was and how I go about getting a refund. I was ignored, then blocked. When I asked (politely) on her wall to answer my emails, I was told I was harrassing her. I continued emailing and messaging and eventually her partner got involved and threatened me. Classy.

    Then she finally responded to my email as she realised I wasn’t going to give up. I then got threatened with legal action if I continued ‘harrassing’ her. Explain to me how she can afford a lawyer if she can’t afford to refund us all?

    Essentially I’ll warn anyone who will listen to stay well away. I don’t care if she inherited these problems, that’s something she should ahve investigated before taking on a ton of new authors. It’s not my problem. She got my money and did no work for it. A cover was designed for me, but that was done by a freelancer, and from last contact, she hadn’t even been paid for it from the money I sent Tabetha.
    At the end of the day it’s up to the individual if they want to go with them, but don’t be surprised when it all goes down the pan and you’re left with a broken heart, broken dreams, your time wasted and your money gone.

    She is very good at coming out with sob stories about how hard it has been for her, but that’s not any of our problems. She amde promises and didn’t keep them – that is what it comes down to.

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