Let Me Fix That For You: iUniverse Mail

More on those Author Solutions, Inc. contracts coming your way shortly. In the meantime, how about a little light reading?

iuniverse sucksRemember on May 25 when I interviewed Philip Reed and he mentioned that iUniverse still relentlessly tries to sell additional products and services to him? Well, we’ve got a lovely little example of that for you today.

Overbearing salespeople are one of the things customers hate most about Author Solutions’ imprints, and their pushiness is one of the top complaints against iUniverse. Phone calls are the company’s favorite, but spamming your inbox ranks a close second.

On Monday, June 4, Phil sent the email you see below. “Speak of the devil,” he wrote to me, and then he pointed out that little bit in Lea’s disclaimer that stipulates “Discount applies for orders within April 2012 only.”

Besides getting the dates right next time, I have to suggest another revision. To protect the integrity of your fine vanity presses, I think the last sentence of this mass email should be amended to read:

For General Inquiry, Sales & Royalty concerns kindly email customersupport@iuniverse.com or call ext. 5045 unless your name is Jodi Foster. We don’t fucking answer inquiries from Jodi Foster anymore.


[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]

From: Phil [mailto:xxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 1:33 PM
To: Philip Reed
Subject: Fw: June Book Orders Specials!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Lea G.
To: xxxxx@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, June 4, 2012 1:31 PM
Subject: June Book Orders Specials!

Pre Summer Book Orders Specials!

+5 % Extra Discount for 50 COPIES and Up!

Place your orders on or before June 15, 2012
1.877.820.5395 / 1.800.288.4677 extension 8131

Greater discounts await greater orders. Secure your Order Now.

Disclaimer: This Book Order Special is valid for single purchases of the same title and format and shipped to a single address. Discount is calculated against the actual retail price. This is royalty exclusive and nonreturnable. Shipping charges are not included and will be paid for by the buying party unless otherwise specified. Offer is subject to further terms and conditions, and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply. Discount applies for orders within April 2012 only.

Questions regarding Book Ordering process, promotions and Authors’ Volume Discount? Let us know so we may assist you.

Available every 10AM – 7PM Eastern, Mondays to Fridays and last Saturdays of the month. For General Inquiry, Sales & Royalty concerns kindly email customersupport@iuniverse.com or call ext. 5045.


Lea G.
Book Consultant

Phone : 1-877-820-5395 Ext. 8131
Toll-free : 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677)
FAX : 812-355-4085
International : 00-1-402-323-7800
xxxxx@iuniverse.com / http://www.iUniverse.com


Have a sales story, email, or voicemail from iUniverse you’d like to share? Submit it to me at emily at emilysuess dot com or use the contact form on this site.

0 thoughts on “Let Me Fix That For You: iUniverse Mail

    • Exactly. I’m giving iUniverse a modicum of credit by assuming this was just a sloppy mistake on the part of the employee. 

      *Surely* they’re not using this to pull a bait and switch, only to charge authors the full price and then ignore them when they call customer service to find out why they were overcharged. Surely.

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