Want to See Me Do a Cartwheel?

When Joan Moran decided she’d had enough of iUniverse and their parent company Author Solutions, she told them she was taking her files and going home. Only they wouldn’t give her the files she paid them to create when she bought her publishing package…unless she paid them another $150.

Is iUniverse a Ripoff?

It would have cost her $700 to leave with her files, but she waited them out for 18 months to save the additional $550 they would have charged her for walking away earlier.

The iUniverse sales rep she talked to knew she planned to edit her work on her own and continue self-publishing without them. Still, that customer service rep sold her an un-editable PDF of her manuscript. He might as well have picked her pocket.

Friday, Joan tried once again to get her money back. This time she wrote Marketing Vice President Keith Ogorek:

“I was sent the PDF file of my book but found it totally useless because it was locked. I was purchasing a locked file. Why would I do that? When I asked if my PDF file would be what I needed to edit, I was told it was what I needed. A Word file would have sufficed and I had my original, but I was never told that because you obviously wanted to collect $150 on a file I had already paid for.”

Help Us Reach 500 Tweets Each

So far, no one at iUniverse is listening to Joan. So I’m making it easy for you to stand with her and spread the word about iUniverse’s predatory sales tactics. Pick one or all of the tweets below and click the retweet button to share. Share them as frequently as you want.

When each message reaches 500 retweets or Joan gets her refund, I’ll do a cartwheel and post the video of it to YouTube.

You know you want to see that.

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