The Search for iUniverse Complaints

I don’t usually write posts about search terms for this blog, even though I’ve had some hilarious searches leading people to Suess’s Pieces over the years. However, in the past week or so, something significant has happened in regards to my search traffic. People wanting to learn more about iUniverse are stopping here to read my series on  iUniverse complaints.

In the past week, iUniverse search strings have made up  7 of the top 10 search phrases on this blog. What’s more? For many of those iUniverse searches, I’m listing in the top 6 results for readers. For a few keywords, I have multiple first-page results.

iuniverse complaints searchTop iUniverse Search Terms

  • iuniverse not reporting all sales
  • iuniverse authors
  • iuniverse, review
  • iuniverse reviews 2012
  • iuniverse
  • critical reviews of iuniverse self publishing
  • iUniverse 2012

In terms of SEO strategy, these results are big news. It means that I’m pulling at least some traffic from iUniverse now, and they will likely see that as a threat both to their SEO efforts and to their online reputation management. I plan to use this momentum going forward and continue to fight them on the SEO front by strengthening my results for these keywords and adding more to the list.

You Can Help Hold iUniverse Accountable

iUniverse has already given back money to Lawrence Fisher. But what about Joan Moran? So far iUniverse and its representatives have completely ignored her and her calls for them to issue a refund.

Keith Ogorek, Senior VP of Marketing, wrote several comments to Lawrence, even going as far as asking Lawrence to approve comments on his blog so they were available for the public. He e-mailed Lawrence. He left comments here on Suess’s Pieces.

But Joan? It’s like she doesn’t even matter to iUniverse.

If you’d like to help us get the attention of Author Solutions you can…

Add one of the following links in your next blog post or just add a link to your sidebar and help us inform other indie authors about the facts before they fork over the money:

iUniverse complaints
iUniverse authors
self-publishing tips
Author Solutions complaints
iUniverse not reporting all sales


Tweet the following message:

Love indie authors? Tell @iuniversebooks @authorsolutions & @keithogorek you support #JoanMoran!

0 thoughts on “The Search for iUniverse Complaints

  1. theunmom says:

    I love the debunking you’ve been doing. It galls me that these people prey on writers.

    By the way, in Google Reader these posts are getting plastered with ads for iuniverse. :/

  2. Lawrence says:

    I have been at these guys for months and created a Facebook group. They asked me to stop my attacks. They are all over the net. Then Keith came along and asked why I was using a public forum.

    What is strange is that I got an email on Friday from someone asking if I wanted to purchase more copies of my book.

    • From what I’ve heard, these people are relentless about selling their products and services to their authors after the initial transaction is complete. People report getting annoying phone calls and emails constantly and for years after they’ve stopped working with the company. Even after they’ve asked not to be contacted any longer.

      I’ve got a couple of interviews coming up in the next week or two that address this part of their business. 

  3. Annieanomy says:

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