How to Break Into Freelance Writing

break into freelance writingI spend a good part of my day replying to emails from readers who want to know how they can break into freelance writing. Although I’ve worked hard to put good information in the hands of aspiring writers through content like my ABCs of Freelance Writing series, Writers’ Week, and 100 Resources for Writers, it’s become clear to me that what new writers need most is an actual opportunity.

To write.

For pay.

When I think back to how I got started doing this whole thing, there was a lot of right-place-right-time luck involved. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have survived a day without the proper skill set. But you never know where you might find a job lead, and you never know who else might be applying for that job you want so bad.

Freelance Writing is Tough

Crowdsourcing sites aren’t all bad—I’ve used them to find work myself. But for most of the gigs, what you’ll find is a huge cluster of applicants from all over the world willing to work for almost nothing. You have to do lots of filtering and send lots of applications to get a bite.

So where am I going with all of this? I’m starting a new program this summer for aspiring freelance writers. I’m calling it Break Into Freelance Writing, and here are a few details:

  • You must apply to be considered
  • The focus of this session is professional blogging
  • 10 applicants will be selected to write a paid post for Suess’s Pieces
  • Pay is $20 for 400-500 words
  • You must link to a resume and cover letter (post a page on your blog, use you LinkedIn resume, whatever)
  • Write your resume and cover letter to me like it’s for a real job — because it IS a real job
  • Applications must be turned in by May 15, 2012
  • Applicants will be notified of my decision by June 1, 2012
  • The workshop style course will be conducted via a private group on Studio 30+
  • You can join my open group, Freelance Writers, on Studio 30+ now or subscribe to this blog for additional information

Got Questions?

Read through the information that’s been published so far. If you still have questions you can always contact me.


0 thoughts on “How to Break Into Freelance Writing

  1. Again, thank you for starting this. And to all who will be chosen: congrats. And to all who will not be chosen: hang on to the dream, never let go of it, as it will feed your writing…

    Good luck to all! This program sounds so exciting…

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