Are You Ready for a Friendly Writing Contest?

More information on the specifics of the Writers’ Week writing prompt contest, as promised!

Take note, people! To kick off Writers’ Week, I’ll be launching a writing contest on September 12. You’ll have until the following Friday, September 16 at 11:59 p.m. to submit your work.

The goal of the writing contest is to motivate you to practice your craft and get you to connect with other writers. Using a link-up widget on the official contest page, you’ll be able to submit your writing as well browse other entries.

Share your thoughts with other writers or ask for feedback on your own work—what you get out of the networking experience will be equal to what you put in.

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Writing Contest Basics

  • You’ll have about five days to choose one of 50 provided writing prompts and compose an entry on your blog using that prompt—any style, any genre, any length. (If you don’t have a blog and need help setting one up, contact me.)
  • A panel of judges will select ten finalists from all of the entries.
  • Online voting will open following the announcement of the finalists, and readers will cast their vote to determine first, second and third place winners.

Writing Contest Prizes

amazon gift card 1001st Place Prizes

Total Value: $380

  • Winning entry will be published on
  • Gift Card ($100 value)
  • Literary critique of your work by Natalia Sylvester of Inky Clean. Includes critique of query letter + first 30 pages of a book-length manuscript. This service is more of an evaluation than an edit. It’s an honest, critical analysis of the writing you’ve done and what can still be done to improve it. It includes: a read-through of your work, with comments and suggestions for changes along the margins of the page; a letter that takes a “bigger picture” approach to giving feedback on your characters, plot structure, voice, pacing, and all the other elements of storytelling; and a 30-minute phone call to further discuss your manuscript and the feedback provided. Learn more about Natalia’s editing services here. The winning writer must submit their manuscript for evaluation within 90 days of being notified that they won.  ($225 value)
  • Launching a Successful Freelance Web Writing Career, e-book by Jennifer Mattern of All Freelance Writing ($37 value)
  • T-shirt from Small Business Bonfire ($18 value)

amazon gift card 502nd Place Prizes

Total Value: $278

  • Gift Card ($50 value)
  • Professional business card design by KeriLynn Engel of Dreaming Iris Design. Standard US size (2 in x 3.5 in/51 mm x 89 mm). Includes initial design concept and two rounds of revisions. Completed design delivered as a hi-res, ready-to-print image file, along with backup Photoshop files for editing if desired. Does not include printing. ($200 value)
  • 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers, e-book by Jennifer Mattern of All Freelance Writing ($10 value)
  • T-shirt from Small Business Bonfire ($18 value)

amazon gift card 253rd Place Prizes

Total Value: $68


0 thoughts on “Are You Ready for a Friendly Writing Contest?

    • Yes. However, because of shipping costs, I reserve the right to substitute the T-shirt prize for any potential winner that lives outside the US or Canada.

      Excellent question! 

      • Hollandy says:

        YAY!!! You can also send the t-shirt (if and when I win) to my parent’s house in the US! I’ll pick it up next time I’m “home”.

        I am very excited! I’ve just found your website via a FB friend and now looks like I’m gearing up to do some writing! Awesome.

      • Patshekhar says:

        ok today’s the 14th. where are the writing prompts for the writing contest? or am i missing something? If i stop being technophobic this probably will be fun.

  1. Good Day Regular People says:


    Came via elirosesocial.

    Have been looking for something online, that is unique and not a uniform prompt writing workshop…this looks wonderful.
    Excited to know you.

  2. Krista says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. It’s already been such a wealth of information that I’ve been craving and I’m really looking forward to your Writer’s Week. 

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