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I’m excited to announce that the Writers’ Week schedule is finally set. Check out what’s going on here at Suess’s Pieces the Week of September 12 – 16. When you’re finished here, learn how to get involved in Writers’ Week.

Monday, September 12

We’re kicking off Writers’ Week with a writing contest! You will have the entire week to pick one of 50 different writing prompts, create a blog entry, link it up, and enter the contest. All combined, first, second, and third place prize packages are valued at $726! All writers and bloggers should participate. You’ll get very specific contest info on August 31, so if you’re not already getting my blog updates, subscribe now or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Tuesday, September 13

Tuesday is all about the craft of writing and blogging. I’m compiling a massive—we’re talking ginormous!—list of online resources for writers as well as hosting an open thread where you can ask questions about all things writing and blogging and get answers from the entire writing community. One random open thread participant will win a copy of Stephen King’s 10th anniversary edition of On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft courtesy of moi.

Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday, we’ll pay tribute to reading. Often lauded as the one single thing writers can do to improve their works, we’ll discuss some of our favorite books and favorite lines. I’ll share a harrowing tale about how I read back-to-back crap books and still came out on top as a writer.   One random reader will win a choice of either The Associated Press Stylebook or Master Class in Fiction Writing: Techniques from Austen, Hemingway, and Other Greats, also courtesy of me.

Thursday, September 15

Thursday includes a special feature called “From Writer to Writer.” Eleven professional writers with very different backgrounds have graciously agreed to share what they’ve learned with you. One guest post will go live every hour between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern. Topics covered include: getting started as a freelance writer, handling rejection, and self-publishing. It’s sure to be inspiring and informative. Each post will include links to the author’s blog or website and social networking accounts so you can keep up with them even after Writers’ Week has ended. One lucky participant will receive a stainless-steel cocktail shaker, Dr. Freelance’s sure-fire prescription to celebrate the end of a successful project or take the edge off a hectic work week.

Friday, September 16

The Writers’ Week writing prompt contest closes on Friday, and all entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern. We’ll also wrap up the week with a word or two on getting paid to write. Friday’s post will be dedicated to full-time, part-time, and wannabe freelancers. We’ll talk about what you need to do to get started and how to up your game. I’ll also be providing no bullshit answers to questions readers submit. Although Friday is the last day of official Writers’ Week content, the fun will continue throughout September as contest winners are selected and announced.


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0 thoughts on “Writers' Week Schedule Announced

  1. Noodles says:

    WHOOO WHEEEE! Dude, this looks AWESOME. Thanks for doing all of this! Cannot wait to play. Also: I will happily issue AP Style quizzes, since, you know, it’s what I do all day. 😛

  2. missy bedell says:

    I’m so excited!  I’m linking to this post for your interview tomorrow!  Can’t wait for the week of the 12th!

  3. Deborah Williams says:

    Wow. Fantabulous. I love that Stephen King book. Simplest (hardest)
    advice contained therein: get your butt in the chair.  Second piece of
    advice? avoid adverbs. Which yes, but ARGH. I love an adverb. But he’s
    right. Dammit. Anyway – what a great week! I’m absolutely(sorry Steve)
    looking forward to reading all the great stuff that will emerge.  Thanks for putting this all together!

  4. Missy @ Wonder, Friend says:

    Just found you through Eli Rose & couldn’t be happier to know about your site! Looking forward to Writer’s Week. What a great idea!

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