ABCs of Freelance Writing: I is for Imbibe

imbibe: v., the act of consuming liquids

People tend to assume I’m a coffee drinker. I suppose the profile picture I use here and on Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Facebook kind of perpetuates that notion. But I promise there was no coffee in that E mug.

Writers, and freelance writers especially, are somewhat notorious for being coffee drinkers. And I suppose as vices go, it’s almost a non-vice. Plus it contains lots of caffeine, and it’s acceptable to drink at 6:00 a.m. Still, it’s not for me. Occasionally I’ll drink a Frappuccino or some other non-coffee coffee beverage. But it’s rare, because those things are way overpriced. And, well, I don’t do my own coffee chemistry in the morning. I wake up with just enough time to shower, grab my lunch and drive to work. No time for mixing and measuring things like cream and sugar.

I’ve mentioned before that my preferred vehicle for caffeine is Throwback Mountain Dew. (Regular Mountain Dew comes in a close second, but I’m sufficiently creeped out by the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup and so I avoid it when it’s convenient to avoid it.) And so, on Dew I imbibe. I get some strange looks when I crack open a can before 10:00 a.m., but at 31 I’m pretty comfortable with who I am. I do what I want.

And what I want is to drink the favorite beverage of teenagers and stoners everywhere.

What do you drink and what does it say about you?


photo credit: bobtheking


0 thoughts on “ABCs of Freelance Writing: I is for Imbibe

  1. kisma says:

    I am a coffee snob! I am so picky that the only person other then my husband I trust to make my coffee is myself. Starbucks is a close third:-) I became a coffee-a-holic when I started my own business of running a day care out of my home and at 6am, a coke just wasn’t as warm and motivating when the temp outside was below 30. And now, I am known for my various mugs and coffee themas in the car. People worry when I don’t have one in my hand.

  2. I’m a tea drinker. Coffee’s never been for me, even when I worked in a coffeeshop. Ha! I prefer peppermint tea (no milk, no lemon) at home or in the office. It’s a nice soothing way to start a morning and get my mindgrapes going.

    When I can, I like to treat myself to a chai latte from Dunkin’ Donuts or Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company. There’s caffeine in that, but as long as I don’t go overboard, I’m good. I used to have a serious caffeine addiction back in my early 20s. I mean like 6-10 cans of pop per day 5x per week. I was destroying my kidneys like crazy. :-0

    Ever since I’ve broken free from the beast (LOL!), I’m much more mindful of how much pop I drink. I usually opt for lemonade or tea in fast food joints, but I do enjoy a Cherry Coke or Barq’s every now & again.

  3. MaryD says:

    Right now I’m drinking Italian sparkling water. And what it says about me is that I found one in the fridge & I was really thirsty. Once in a while I drink something that violates the expectations of society for a 45 year old medical consultant, but I’m ok with that. But Mountain Dew.

    Ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I mean, uh, to each her own. :-0~Mary

  4. Mahesh Raj Mohan says:

    I am one of those cliched coffee drinking freelance writers, and I also thought that was coffee in that thar mug. Glad to know you do the Dew! For me, making coffee is the last step of my pre-writing morning routine. I take the mug up to my office and then get to work.

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