ABCs of Freelance Writing: H is for Haters

…as in haters gonna hate.

I have reason to believe that the following tweets were directed (very passive-aggressively I must add) at me and my blog. And even if they weren’t, I am going to pretend like they were so the readers I have left can still be entertained. Who doesn’t love a good personal conflict aired out on the interwebz, after all?

Before I launch into my defense, how about an object lesson? With things like screenshots and cached websites, when you write on the internet you might as well be using a Sharpie. If you’re going to put something out there, I hope you’re committed to it.

Are the Rumors True?

I am sort of guilty as accused. I used to write a blog called emcogneato! and go by the Twitter handle @emcogneato, like, forever ago. But then something happened. I started freelancing in earnest. Priorities changed, my need to vent about my ex-husband subsided (somewhat!) and I started connecting with other writers.

I announced to the world that I was changing my Twitter handle to my real name, closing emcogneato!, and opening Suess’s Pieces. For the record, though, I still write posts here that are unrelated to my freelance writing business and all of my posts from the old days came with me. I also completed a full 30 Days of personal posts at the beginning of the year. (By the way, I caught flak for writing those too.)

Social Skills Still Required

(Alternative subheading: Dude, I never asked you to follow me.)

I know this is the internet, but social skills are still required. If you want to stop reading my blog and unfollow my Twitter account, what’s wrong with doing it quietly? If you have a concern or a disagreement with how I’m doing things over here, why not comment on my blog like a grown up or send me a private email?

Sometimes Business IS Personal

This blog is my own creation and it’s about my life…as a freaking writer. So (go figure!) it’s going to contain posts about what I do for a living. I wouldn’t say that my career defines me, but it’s a huge part of who I am. I’m proud of it. The name of my business is Emily Suess, Freelance Writer for the love of God!

To All the Haters

Long live internet civility! Down with your anti-social networking!

However, if discord is still your thing, there’s a picture of my middle finger around here somewhere that I’d be glad to send you. Privately.



0 thoughts on “ABCs of Freelance Writing: H is for Haters

  1. Well said. I remember the first hate comment I received on my blog. I was a bit offended at first but later decided that it was a fabulous moment. What I’ve learned though? It’s usually their own issues they’re dealing with – not yours.

    • Exactly, Leslie. Thick skin is pretty much a requirement for bloggers. However, I also believe that people with something to say should be less underhanded about it.

  2. I got my first angry comment from my own nephew! He’s a film producer in LA and I wrote a post desecrating The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I thought it was hilarious, since in the not-too-distant-past I changed the boy’s diapers!

  3. Hilarious! I love how people assume that how you live your life is somehow open for review, direction or approval. You seem to have a pretty good handle on this situation though, and I think you’ve effectively brushed off the hateration.

    My blog contains two types of posts: 1) freelance/working stiff musings and 2) arts & culture geekery. I’m sure those interested in the first topic are not interested in the second, and vice versa. But believe it or not, I have a growing audience for each type. My most popular post based on analytics is about the Indpls LGBT Film Festival last year. If you’re not an indie film geek, queer or a Hoosier, you probably don’t care about that topic at all.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing about those topics. It’s apart of who I am and the artistic community inspires my writing. So it’s a package deal if you read my blog. And guess what? There’s a scroll button on the side of the window for a reason. But like you said, haters gonna hate.

    • Great point, Candace. It’s a package deal. Like or not, people need to remember there are actual humans with diverse interests writing blogs and publishing Tweets.

    • Great point, Candace. It’s a package deal. Like it or not, people need to remember there are actual humans with diverse interests writing blogs and publishing Tweets.

  4. Come to think of it, I’ve not got any hate comments on my blog – I try to be non-controversial at best. Though I have tried to defend my friends who have got hate comments on their blogs.

    Some of them trolls only target bloggers because their gender ! They believe they’ll be safe otherwise because they are hiding behind a computer !

    Even though comments belong to the commentators … hate comments or not… bloggers have the right to delete them.

    • I don’t mind stirring up a little controversy every now and again on my own blog, but I try to be a good commentator and respect blog authors on their sites. I certainly don’t brag about unfollowing people.

  5. Adriene (SweepyJean) says:

    I’m sure someone on Twitter is insulting me somewhere. But I have finally come to the point where I can assume they’re talking about someone else who is vaguely similar to me and ignore the remarks. You have a great style Emily, keep doing what you do and talking about whatever moves you!

  6. I rarely have hate comments on my own blog, but I am not shy about reviewing a product and putting an amazon affiliate banner in my article. Sure if I swayed someone to purchase Lego Minotaurus board game for their family I might make $1 commission, but I do it because I liked the product and wanted to share it with my readers.

    Personal blogs in my opinion have the greatest flexibility to write about whatever the heck they want as often as they want, I hold them to no standard or expectations. This is what I do with my personal blog. My technology blog is a little more focused on a handful of topics and I don’t write write personal posts unless they somehow tightly relate to those topics.

    You are absolutely right when you say “I didn’t ask you to follow me”, if you one reader doesn’t like it, don’t come back. As a blogger or personality you can’t cater to everyone, would be nothing but a bland writer unable to take a stance on anything without being afraid to offend somebody if you did.

  7. Word. That was my concern with starting a blog. What if people don’t like it? Then I realized that there was no answer to that question because it DOESN’T MATTER. I do think the Internets make it too easy for us to be snarky. I need to remind myself that if I can’t imagine saying the snarky thing to the person’s face, I’d better not type it. You know, ’cause I don’t want to be an asshat.

  8. Karen Taylor says:

    Love your blog post! Well written and funny, which is the best way to get your point across…firmly and assertively.

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